Distributed Systems::FUNDS

Welcome to FUNDS: FUture Networks and Distributed Systems Group within the School of Computing, Mathematics and Digital Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University. We are actively investigating novel methods, techniques and solutions that address the fundamental challenges of future computer networks and distributed systems. In particular, we seek to focus on the challenges associated with intelligent management and optimisation of large-scale complex distributed systems, such as, reliability, scalability, security, resilience, autonomy and issues associated with data-centric computing (e.g., data-intensive computing). In addition, the group works rigorously on tackling the scientific and industrially relevant problems. Other research is still on-going by the group researchers, which includes the development of computational methods based on naturalistic and self-organizing system models and assessing the emergent risks from the globally distributed systems interaction.

To this end, the research topics of the group mainly focus on the following areas:

              • Computer Networks--Wired/Wireless Networks (e.g., Network and Routing Protocols, Network Measurement, Modelling and  Analysis)

      • Distributed Computing (e.g., Grid, Cluster, Cloud, Service-Oriented Computing, Data-Intensive Computing, Utility Computing, Virtualisation Integration,etc.)

      • Autonomic Computing (e.g., Autonomic Cloud Systems, Autonomic Programming Languages,etc.)

      • Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA)

      • Large-scale Data Mining/Machine Learning/Incremental Learning (Application Domains: Biology, Web Mining, Network Traffic, etc.)

      • Network Security and Computing Forensics

The group also benefits from the currently available research labs, which provide the state-of-the-art computing facilities to the above topics' researchers.