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Dr. N. Costen

Dr. B. Li

Dr. E. Prakash

Dr. D. Britch


 Research Fellow:


 Dr. H. Fang

 Research Students:


 Mr. J. Darby


 Mr. T. McFarlane


 Mr. M. Topshom



Image and Sensory Computation Group.

Group Members

Dr N. Costen, Dr B. Li, Dr E. Prakash and Dr D. Britch

Main Publications

110 journal papers and international conference contributions since RAE 2001. At this and other institutions, 2 Research Fellows and 7 PhD students have been supervised.


The personnel of this group combine strengths in image and sensory modelling and data analysis for a range of applications. The group works on face and voice interpretation, human motion analysis and reconstruction, feature-based algorithms, 3D modelling and visualization, computer animation, games technology and novel data analysis. Strong links exist with many external groups including Manchester, Hosei (Japan), Aberystwyth, MIT, SUNY-Stony Brook, UIUC and Nanyang Technological, Beijing, Zhejiang and Beijing Normal Universities, and also with the Intelligent Systems Group at MMU.


1.      To advance the theory and practice of computer vision and pattern recognition, 3D modelling and visualization, data analysis and optimization.

2.      To develop innovative models and algorithms for rapid 3D human modeling, interactive cinematic quality rendering and synthesis of natural animation.

3.      To develop robust real-time algorithms for human face and body tracking, recognition and behavior understanding from video and cognitive models of these processes.

4.      To combine the strengths and expertise of group members, extending research and application areas incorporating facial expressions for behavior understanding and HCI, low bit-rate multi-modal realistic facial synthesis and digital characters.

Achievements and Deliverables